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Tips on taking care of wigs

Buy the right products to take care of your wig. There are special combs, brushes, shampoos, conditioners and even special hair sprays for wigs. Have a wig stand for each of your wigs. Never brush a wig with a regular brush or comb because it will shorten its life.
Resist the temptation to trim your wig. Unlike your real hair, mistakes won't grow back. Instead, take it to a wig shop where professionals will do that job for you.
Reduce the number of times you wash the wigs by making sure your hair is clean before you put on a wig. There are wig caps on the market if that is not always possible.
Even if you keep your natural hair clean, you should wash your wig about every two weeks if you wear it daily. You may find that you should wash it more frequently because of the styling products you use or the weather. Always wash your wig in cool water and use only the special shampoo you purchased for your wig.
Always store your wig on a wig stand to keep it fresh for the next wearing. If you put it away, never do so in a box or a plastic bag, unless you are traveling, as it will deteriorate and take on an unpleasant odor.
Keep your wig away from high temperatures because heat will damage it. If you are barbecuing or cooking a meal, either take the wig off or stand away from the direct fire.
Always brush your wig when it is dry and never use a hairdryer. If time permits, allow your wig to dry naturally.
Use a small amount of hand soap and a toothbrush to remove makeup that may have accumulated on your wig. Be careful not to pull hair out of the wig while doing this.
Zacoo new arrilived beading suppplies: rhinestones, watch, nail art supplies, and wigs.
by clarebear | 2012-08-29 16:16

British Jewelry

It has to be said that 2012 has been a great year to be British. The Diamond Jubilee proved a glorious success and now the London 2012 Olympics look to go down in history for all the right reasons. It is an unprecedented moment for the British Isles, and what better time than to celebrate some of the best of British jewelry than now? One society though seems to have already beaten us to the punch, with a keen eye for what makes our particular brand of luxury so British. Walpole is a non-profit organization that brings together the best of British Luxury, with the aim of furthering and maintaining the quality it represents. It's not just about jewelry either, with members including BAFTA, Burberry, Orient Express, Royal Opera House, Harrods and many more.
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Seven years’ step by step accumulation has reward Zacoo.com fruitful achievements on all sides. With the increasing of wholesale jewelry supplies catalogs and brilliant sale performance in overseas market, Zacoo has established its own warehouse located in the products source and adopted the modern logistic management to quickly and accurately process and package orders for our superior customers.
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Wire Working Bracelet making tutorial

Step 1 Cut two pieces 30cm 18 gauge jewelry wires and make two U-shape loops as shown in pictures. Please note that one of them is bigger than the other.

Step 2 Cut a piece of 50cm 28 gauge jewelry wire and wrap it around the U-shape wires.

Step 3 Wrap around the U-shape wires tight.

Step 4 Cut another two pieces of 18 gauge jewelry wires in 20cm and insert them between the U-shape wires as shown in the picture.

Step 5 Continue to use the thin jewelry wire to wrap all of the 18 gauge jewelry wires.
Tip: Use chain nose plier to better squeeze and fix the wires to make all the wires in the same surface.

Step 6 Wrap the wires to your desired length to ensure all the wires are fastened together. Then make an end of the cord.

Step 7 Cut the end of the wire on other side that closed to U-shape loops.

Step 8 String the beads with different sizes or colors through the wires.

Step 9 See the overview picture when you string all the beads. Make slight bent to the wires using chain nose plier.

Step 10 Make four free swirls using round nose plier to the wires with U-shape loops.

Step 11 Cut 28 gauge wire of 50cm and wrap around the wires as shown in the picture.

Step 12 Make the closure with the rest two jewelry wires by creating simple loops as shown in picture. Then use thin jewelry wire to wrap wires closed to the closure.

Step 13 Insert the closure to the U-shape loops! Congratulations, you have made an elegant bride wire working bracelet.
by clarebear | 2012-07-27 17:24

Crystal beads at discount price

All crystals are on 15% special sale from July 18th to July 25. Time and chance are limited!
As the scope of this special offer, crystal beads are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, these Chinese crystal beads are the perfect choice when you want to add an element of colorful brilliance to your creations. Crystal teardrop beads, crystal rice beads, crystal bicone beads, crystal rondelle beads, and crystal round beads, all are prepared for your summer beading. Enjoy this discount!
by clarebear | 2012-07-20 17:49

Instructions of making your own jump rings

1. Take hold of the tag end of the wire and put it in the center of the ring maker or round nosed pliers.
2. Firmly grasp the wire with the pliers. Wrap the wire against the pliers’ nose.
3. Continue wrapping around the nose prong to complete a wire circle.
4. Take the wire circle from the prong.
5. Nip carefully the circle off from the length of the wire. Use the flush cut pliers or wire nippers.
6. Use the flat jeweler's file, if there are jagged edges on the cut wire.
7. Make the ends of the wire circle secured; make them meet end to end.
Now you have a completed jump ring. You can open it to connect an element to your jewelry, then close it again. Put it on the piece of your jewelry. Use pliers to pick up the ring on one side of the opening. With your free hand, pick up the other pliers and close it on the ring’s other side. To open it, you push your right hand away from you and your left hand towards you. You do the opposite if you want to close it. But you may need to do it twice to make sure that the jump ring is closed completely.
by clarebear | 2012-07-12 17:49

Decorate with rhinestones

See who is the most favorite decoration star this summer?
Yeah, it's Crystal Flat Back Rhinestones, a huge success in the fashion world due to their inexpensive luxury but creates a lot of bling.
Easy made, vast choice in colors and sizes, ultimate creation possibility, all these good features have made crystal rhinestones the new favorite beading supplies, especially for home and wedding decoration, jewelry design and repair, theater and dancing costumes etc…
This time, 100 rhinestones in 20 colors and 5 common used sizes are prepared for your choice. How will we use it? It's really countless ways as long as you can imagine.
You can decorate any you home appliance, like mobile phone, laptop, picture frame, light…
You can refine your wedding project, like invitation card, wineglass, wedding dress…
You can refresh your old jewelry piece, like hair clip, earrings, necklace…
You can make fun for your daily make up! Stick some on your nails, face, your lip…
I am sure your thoughts are more than that! Let your own creativity be your guide and have fun decorating with crystal flat back rhinestones.
Source from: http://www.newfashionbox.com/be-creative-with-crystal-rhinestones/
by clarebear | 2012-06-29 16:41

Jewelry making with rhinestones

Trace the pendant onto the piece of paper. This will give you a life-size version of your jewelry to use as a pattern and guide. You can fill in the area of the tracing with rhinestones to experiment, and see what colors and shapes work best together. You can make a coherent pattern, such as a flower, or a more random design. Use the tweezers to place the rhinestones exactly. Craft tweezers are nearly identical to cosmetic tweezers, but they have slightly longer, pointier tips.
Squirt some glue on a piece of wax paper. Make a decent-size glob, but do not overdo it. You will be lightly dipping the backs of the rhinestones in the glue, so you will not be using very much.
Glue the rhinestones into place on the pendant. You can use the rhinestones on the pattern pendant as a guide. Pick up a rhinestone with the shiny, jeweled side facing up. Then, lightly touch the back to the glue before placing the rhinestone onto the jewelry pendant. Continue gluing until you have completely covered the pendant with rhinestones.
Fill in the gaps with the mini white rhinestones. Unless you like the color and look of your acrylic background, you will probably want to fill in the gaps between the larger rhinestones. Use the tweezers to dip and place the mini white rhinestones in every open area. This will make your rhinestone jewelry really sparkle and gleam.
Let your pendant dry for 24 hours. This will give the glue time to set firmly before you wear your beautiful creation. Thread your pendant on a string or chain.
by clarebear | 2012-06-26 15:32

Make wire wrapped ring with zacoo

See the rings shown in the picture, it’s King & Queen Ring.

The black one is the King Ring which have a sense of mysterious and dignity, while the silver one is elegant and delicate.

Which one do your prefer ? or you want to have both ?

It’s easy now as i want to share the free tutorials with friends.

1. Just like Zacoo’s facebook page


2. Then tell me you did it and leave your email address here.

Then i will dispatch step by step tutorials to your email box !!!!

Hurry on ! Let’s share and make the beautiful things together !!

About the author:
Zacoo, based in China, is one of leading beading supplies wholesaler. Featured by resin flower cabochons, tibetan style beads, cheap acrylic beads, handmade lampwork beads, it aims to provides you all kinds of jewelry making supplies all for your beading needs.Saving your money buy shopping cheap and quality china beading supplies here, what's more, you can enjoy world-wide free shipping.

Source from: http://www.zacoo.com/blog/good-news-like-zacoo-facebook-to-get-tutorials-for-summer-jewelry-inspirations/
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Jewelry wire in beading

Wire Gauge Measurements and the Best Type and Size of Wire for Jewelry Making: Wire is an essential element in jewelry making. Using the right type and size of wire is very important as you want to make sure that it will be strong enough to hold the gems or beads together. If you have just begun with this craft, perhaps you may ask, What type of wire is best for a particular piece of jewelry?
There are three different attributes that you should consider: the hardness, the shape, and the size or thickness. Let's take a closer look at each of these attributes.
You can find wires that are very soft that you can actually bend them with your hands, without using pliers and there are wires that are hard, and are not bendable by hand. Meanwhile, wire shapes can be either round, half-round or square. As for the size or thickness of the wire: You can look for measurement charts online that you can use as reference. Gauge is the standard term used to describe the wire's thickness or diameter. Based on the American Wire Gauge (AWG) chart, a wire's gauge number can range from 26 to 000.
Technically, the higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire and the smaller the diameter. For instance, a wire with a gauge number of 12 has a diameter of 2.05 mm while a wire with a gauge number of 6 has a diameter of 4.11 mm.
Of course, your choice should also be based on the kind of materials to be strung. So let's say that you will be using beads with very small openings. Then, you may opt for a 26 to 24 gauge (.40mm - .50mm) wire. On the other hand, if you have beads with large openings, you may choose a wire with a lower gauge number.
Wires with 20 to 18 gauge number are commonly used for wire-wrapping as well as to make jump rings, and formed links. It is also a typical size used by jewelry makers because it fits through most bead holes. You can use the AWG chart to get a better idea as the chart shows the converted measurements from gauge into millimeters and inches.
Don't forget to consider the weight of the beads or the materials. Aside from making sure that the wire can pass through the bead hole, you should also check if it will be strong enough to hold the beads together. For heavier beads, you may choose a harder type of wire that won't easily yield.
About the author:
Zacoo, based in China, is one of leading beading supplies wholesaler. Featured by resin flower cabochons, tibetan style beads, cheap acrylic beads, handmade lampwork beads, it aims to provides you all kinds of jewelry making supplies all for your beading needs. Saving your money buy shopping cheap and quality supplies here, what's more, you can enjoy world-wide free shipping.
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Natural Beads-Wood Beads

As you may find, one kind of jewelry beads are very popular in jewelry making industory. These kind of beads, which  can be made out of any type of wood, are famous for its natural style. Wood beads are a popular type of natural jewelry making beads. They come in many different sizes, styles and shapes. Most of the time wood beads will remain in their natural finish, with just a sealer on them to make them shiny. However, they can come in all sorts of colors, too.

Since wood beads are made from a natural product, adding man made dyes can sometimes defeat the purpose of these natural beads. Most wood beads are very light in weight. A lot of the wood beads you will find will be round, but there are some out there with designs carved into them. You can choose from natural, untreated finishes, sealed natural finishes, natural dye colors, and man made dye colors.

Wood jewelry making beads range in price depending on the type of woods they are made from. The rarer the wood, the more expensive the bead. Sometimes wood beads can be a little difficult to find, and because they are natural, the grains of wood and look of the beads can vary. I use wood beads in a lot of my Native American Crafts.

Zacoo Story

Founded in 2005 and started as a specialty beads and jewelry supplies e-retailer in eBay, Zacoo.com has developed as an professional e-commerce platform and offers over 100 thousand types of china beads wholesale and jewelry supplies across shinning crystals, cheap acrylic beads, lampwork beads, glass beads, wires, jewelry chains,resin flower cabochons, clasps, cabochon settings etc.. Zacoo.com has made every endeavor to find the most attractive and amazing products for its customers all over the world. Currently, our beading supplies have been well acknowledged in 50 countries including England, America, Australia, Germany, Demark etc…

Seven years’ step by step accumulation has reward Zacoo.com fruitful achievements on all sides.

With the increasing of products catalogs and brilliant sale performance in overseas market, Zacoo has established its own warehouse located in the products source and adopted the modern logistic management to quickly and accurately process and package orders for our superior customers.


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