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Ear Wire
Ear wires are the jewelry making findings that are used to connect a beautiful earring body to the wearer's ear. Ear wires are essential when making earrings, they are generally silver, gold and copper. There is also silver and gold plated, as well as, gold filled. The 22 gauge is the size which is most used in ear wires.
The ear wires are inexpensive to manufacture and are sold in bulk. Ear wires can also be made by hand, and this could be a way to distinguish your work from a manufactured earring. There are many books and websites which contain instructions for different patterns of ear wires.
Toggle clasps, jump rings, lobster clasps, S clasps and magnetic clasps are all examples of jewelry making findings. These are all necessary components to make any necklace or bracelet work. Your beads or crystals, wire or chains and clasps is all that it takes to make a spectacular necklace or bracelet. But your findings are absolutely essential in the making of these necklaces and bracelets.
There are many more examples such as wholesale resin cabochons, bead caps, links, pins…, but the ones that are listed above are the essential pieces. When researching for jewelry making findings, look for quality first. In jewelry making findings you really do get more bang for your buck.
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Live handmade, buy handmade! Reliable beads source for your beading needs. Featured by Tibetan style beads, cheap acrylic beads, and resin flower cabochons, you can get your beading supplies at zacoo wholesale beads shop.
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Vivid flower cabochons

resin flower braceletBring some cool color to your winter and make this resin flower bracelet! In this cold winter, when you want to keep a fun and summer spirit, then this resin flower bracelet bringing you a vivid summer feeling is the right choice. Vivid resin flower cabochons matched well with iron rollo chains create this perfect seasonal style. A color combination of white, green and pink add texture as well as elegance to these treasures.

Be ready to shine at your next winter party with this cool bracelet, and read my jewelry blog to find more beading inspirations, and jewelry making tips.

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Why take wholesale beads into consideration

These are some of the top reasons why wholesale beads should be considered:
Cheaper prices
Who wouldn’t want the money saved from buying wholesale beads? The recent financial crisis sends everyone on a spree for the best money saving tips. A bead business could be truly profitable especially if you buy beads wholesale. These businesses are here mainly to get profit and keep money rolling and growing. Buying beads wholesale will keep money growing and not spent unnecessarily.
Steady supply of beads
In a business oriented approach, having more beads at your disposal at half of even lower than half of your targeted expenses is a big thing. Many people are haggling prices at small order goods hence you have more advantage with haggling the bulk items. The wholesale beads can bring in a big supply of items without letting you suffer from the costs of that purchase.
You do not run out of beads at worst times
In a bead business which needs a large and steady supply of beads, wholesale beads can be the answer. What if an order comes and you have no enough supplies; it may not be good. What’s at stake is not only your money but also your credibility. Avoid this from happening by ordering steady supply of beads in bulk.
More choices on bead design
Buying beads in bulk gives you the opportunity to pick out silver beads and other assorted beads that your customers love. If you want a better combination and more unique and creative bead combinations, you will need more styles and designs. This is one of the best money making secrets of people who are successful in the bead related industry.
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Beaded jewelry match your style

Beaded jewelry is all the rage these days not only because these pieces can be so affordable but also because there is virtually no limit to customizing them to match your personal style. Your earrings, necklace or bracelets do not have to be like anyone else’s jewelry. It can be one of a kind.
Of course, it is very important to know who you are first. Every woman should know the look she wants for herself and should not be a fashion victim blindly accepting every trend. On the other hand, a woman is also entitled to try out various looks for herself for as long as she knows she can carry each one off.
There are various looks that can be reflected in beaded jewelry. One of the most common is the rustic look. This is usually characterized by earth colors and rough looking or unfinished beads. It can be used to complement prairie looks, Western-inspired outfits and even just casual rugged attire. Quite close to the rustic look is the Native American look. This often includes silver beads or spacers along with semi-precious gemstones like turquoise or onyx. Other natural elements may be added, as well, such as feathers. Both the rustic and Native American looks can be used for beaded jewelry for men, too.
Another related look is the nature-inspired theme. This is where you find beaded jewelry pieces that evoke, for instance, the sea and sand with turquoise, coral or pearls and sea shells. Another set may have a floral theme or may represent greenery instead, with the look of twigs and foliage. This can either use the fresh green look or dried leaves look. The flowers may be delicately pastel or drenched with vivid exotic colors.
The nature-inspired theme can be tweaked to look fairy-like. The fairy theme can look ethereal, sometimes using the “floating” design with the use of almost invisible nylon fishing lines. Crystals are often incorporated into the design to add natural sparkle. The fairy theme can turn mystical when done sparingly and when mystical symbols are incorporated either in Beads, spacers or pendants.
Sometimes the theme is not even necessary. A woman may just prefer certain colors or textures in her beaded jewelry. She could also just specify the size of beads she prefers and the length of the necklace she wants. Everything can be customized.
Whatever a woman’s personal style is, she can apply it to her beaded wedding bridal jewelry for her wedding day. There are so many possible designs that there is surely one to match any individual personality and all kinds of wedding dresses. Although the typical beaded wedding bridal jewelry pieces are made with fresh water pearls and mother of pearl, the bride does not have to always use only pearl earrings or a pearl necklace unless these are the exact pieces that fit her style. Any bride can find what she wants at jewelry stores anywhere. There are also jewelry stores online that specialize in beaded wedding bridal jewelry. These online stores could be based anywhere in the United States, such as Samantha Rose of Dallas, Texas.
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Live handmade, buy handmade! Reliable wholesale beads source for your beading needs. Featured by Tibetan style beads, cheap acrylic beads, and resin cabochons, you can get your beading supplies at zacoo wholesale beads shop.
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Christmas jewelry for your loved one

Christmas is a special of a year, when we, men and women, young and old all want to look our best and adore ourselves in all things sparkly. Nowadays, jewelry manufacturers and jewelry designers are not only providing limitless options in jewelry for women; they have many design creations for men as well.
There are plenty of Christmas jewelry ideas for women, but do you consider some Christmas gifts for him? Christmas is a good occasion to express your feelings to him, sometimes when words are not enough to describe your love, Christmas jewelry, especially a piece of jewelry created by yourself will be the right choose. Why not pick up some jewelry supplies and design a special gift for your special someone. If so, then have a look at zacoo china beads wholesale stores, which have a huge discount for this Christmas.
Digital collage sheets for your paper art, resin cabochons for your resin jewelry or cameo jewelry, zinc alloy charms for your Tibetan jewelry, shinning crystals, and very beautiful glass pearls. Check them out and you will be glad with your find, as these handcraft are all apply to this special discount. Remember 15 Nov. to 30 Nov. Happy shopping and happy Christmas handcraft making.
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