What are jewelry making supplies-jewelry beads

Whether a person starts her jewelry for herself, or as gift to others, as long as she loves the process of beading, she has been success in beading. As to handmade jewelry, one need to get all the needed jewelry supplies first, for instance, china wholesale beads, findings, and jewelry making tools.
As to beads, they come in various choose, including glass beads, gemstone beads, metal beads, Tibetan silver beads, Pandora style beads, European beads, wood beads, lampwork beads, acrylic beads, etc. Jewelry beads are a must for beading. Jewelry charms and pendants are also beads, Tibetan style charms and Pandora charms are the most popular among jewelry designers. There are a new kind of beads, European beads catch the eye of jewelry designers, as they are so charming and beautiful. Different beads create different style of jewelry, just choose your kind of beads.
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Clasps and bead caps are all jewelry findings

Jewelry making is a fun and creative pursuit. A common term you hear when you first start making jewelry on your own is findings. So what are jewelry findings? Jewelry findings are important for jewelry making. When you make your beading projects, you need all those little extras and pieces used to connect your great china beads and wire or thread together, along with the usual china jewelry findings like crimps, bead tips, pinch bails, pins, jumping, earring settings and clasps. today we will mainly talk about clasps and bead caps.

Jewelry clasps are used for securely connecting two ends of a necklace, bracelet or other piece of jewelry. For example, Toggle clasps are available in numerous sizes and designs, they are widely used to secure bracelets, anklets, even necklaces; Box clasps are easy to use in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some can be decorative.

Bead caps are essential and useful findings in jewelry making. What are bead caps? jewelry caps are bowl shaped china jewelry findings. They can be used for making necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and usually be used in pairs at two ends of beads to add texture and design to jewelry pieces. Beads caps come in a various metal colors, such as gold, silver, copper, pewter, bronze, black, antique bronze, antique gold, antique silver, platinum and so on. They also can be made of different materials, for instance, iron, copper, alloy, alloy add enamel and so on. Apart from that, it also can be made in different shapes, most of them look like flowers, but designers can also find and/or make solid bowl-shaped caps, star shapes and even some other unique shapes.

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Top 5 china beads in 2011

There are many kinds of jewelry beads, which you can add to your jewelry design. Based on size, shape, origin, etc jewelry beads were classified. The first step in making beaded Jewelry is to understand the types of beads. Here are top 5 china wholesale beads in 2011 which is mostly common used in recent years.

Metal beads are generally used as spacers to add a metallic shimmer and enhance the beauty of glass or semi-precious beads. Found in various intricate designs, sizes and shapes, metal beads add character to any piece of jewelry. Most commonly used metals include gold, silver, Indian brass, Bali or Thai silver, sterling silver, bronze, and platinum.

Acrylic Beads and resin beads, the two beads are also popular in recent years, one material. Because of its cheap, colors, styles, strong adaptability and other characteristics not easily damaged by many young MM sought after.This is also one of the recent material usage is high. Its bright color, size is more complete, the price is relatively low, but by the bead enthusiasts.

Stunning and elegant, crystal beads add a touch of spark and glamorous finish to jewelry. They are made by cutting leaded glass at multi-faceted angles to enhance the beauty of the jewelry. The finest crystal beads are found in a range of colors, sizes, and finishes.

Pandora beads first originated in Copenhagen, Denmark, and then spread over the world fast because of its magical beauty and grace. For people believe by wearing it, they can have good fortune. Like other jewelry items, Pandora beads are usually mixed and matched to create Pandora jewelry, which is basically charm beads jewelry to every one's delight. Pandora jewelry is well-known for their amazing designs and styles, and it's also known for its magical charm to bring its wearer charisma. Just because Pandora jewelry this much personal and unique, it has become so popular that it has taken the jewelry making world by storm.


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Tibetan jewelry makes a big difference in this spring

To some extent, Tibetan jewelries convey a traditional cultural tint of Tibet. That is why the Tibetan jewelries look more mysterious and exotic, and why there are so many people like Tibetan jewelry very much. In Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan jewelry is believed to have the ability to eliminate disease, fear of death, prolong life and increase wealth.

What is Tibetan Silver? Tibetan silver is a name, is actually an alloy, and where speaking in Tibetan, Tibetan silver is actually a copper-nickel alloy. Knowing what is tibetan silver, then you know what are tibetan silver beads. Tibetan silver beads, Tibetan style charms are very popular for handmade beaded jewelry, and Tibetan style clasps, Tibetan style connectors, Tibetan style spacer beads are also are the most popular jewelry findings for finish one’s jewelry design. Some Tibetan style pendants, which in Buddhism is a ritual instrument for subduing demons, believed to dispel all sins and bring people power, courage, and intelligence.

Make a big difference in this spring and bring fresh feeling for your family and friends is not a difficult. The unique Tibetan jewelry is mysterious jewelry, wearing Handmade Tibetan jewelry you will become the focus of the life of people who around you. Teach you something about picking Tibetan sliver beads for making Tibetan jewelry. Beaded Tibetan jewelry is your best choice, if you like ancient rhymes and exotic ambience.Tibetan jewelries will bring you such feeling. You can make a very easy handmade necklace with just a jewelry chains and beautiful Tibetan style charms.Click our jewelry making blog for more beaded jewelry design.

You also can use the Tibetan style beads to decorate your house to create that atmosphere. For instance, you can use Tibetan style beads with different shapes, colors and sizes to beading your furniture, such as ancient wall clock, droplights, table/desk and many others with ancient rhymes.

Article from: http://www.zacoo.com/news/Tibetan-jewelry-makes-a-big-difference-in-this-spring/

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Why Zacoo.com Can Compete With eBay's Lowest Price?

People are always willing to search for bargains on eBay. It is true that some sellers offer extremely low price on eBay. And sometimes they even sell the goods at a loss in order to gain more credits. But such cooperation relationship will not last long.
In addition, eBay platform charges LIST fees and settlement costs. These two costs take up 10% -15% of the entire turnover. So it is impossible for the products on eBay to reach the lowest price. The products with higher value get higher price on eBay.
There are some other C2C platforms in China like EBAY.COM. For example, DHGATE.COM, Chinavasion.com and Tradetang.com, etc. Prices on these platforms are also very low (freight charges not included). If count in the international freight charges of DHL, UPS or FEDEX, their purchase costs are also very high.
Zacoo.com is an independent e-commerce platform. They make deal on their own platform without settlement cost and LIST fees, also free shipping. So their prices are much lower than eBay. Considering they purchase a bulk from factory, you will find the prices for beautiful gadgets on zacoo.com are actually much lower than that the factory, and can offer you without MOQ limit. So you’d better do shopping on independent platform like zacoo.com if you want to get bargains in small amount.wholesale beads,jewelry supplies and jewelry findings at the cheapest price for you.
However, when doing shopping on independent website, we must pay attention to the safety of payment. Especially mind the three points below:
1) Prefer to the online payment ways like PAYPAL, Credit Card or MONKEYBOOKER.
2) Don't input your credit card number or personal PAYPAL pass words on independent platform.
3) Make sure the business has SSL certificate and the URL begins with https://.
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